Find A Carpet Cleaner

Really, how hard is it to find a carpet cleaner? Actually if you don’t know what to watch out for, hiring the wrong cleaning company can cost you more than you think.


Sometimes when you take a friends advice on who to use, does not mean it’s the right choice for your home.

The carpet cleaning machines you can buy from the hardware stores or rent from your local supermarkets can and will damage your carpet. These machines do not have the vacuum power to extract the dirty water from the carpet, creating a major health concern. When you wet dirt it turns into “mud” which happens when using these machines.

Selecting a certified carpet cleaning professional is the first step to find a carpet cleaner. Most certified carpet cleaning professionals will be able to tell you the do’s and don’ts about your flooring. When selecting a carpet cleaning company you want to ask them five very important questions before you hire them.

Five Questions to Find A Carpet Cleaner Before Hiring

  1. What kind of reputation do they have? Make sure that carpet retailer, realtor, interior designer, and other sources refer this company. Hiring a company with a great reputation will hopefully insure if a problem arises they will help you out even after the job has been paid for.
  2. What experience do they have? Check to see if they have experience in all fabric & flooring types. They should be familiar with all kinds of soiling conditions, and be able to give you a realistic expectation of how the carpet will look once complete.
  3. What kind of systems do they use? The equipment they use should be state-of-the-art truck mounted units. Should have at least a 6 step procedure for cleaning your carpet (Vacuuming, Pre-Treat, Pre-Groom, Steam Clean, Post- Spot, Speed Dry).
  4. Are they educated in their field? Never hire a company that is not certified.
  5. Do they guarantee their work? Most reputable cleaning companies will, if they do not – look for someone else. Every company deserves to have a second chance if the cleaning was not up to par.
    If a cleaning company passes all these questions and you are still a little unsure -ask them to perform a demo for you. This will give you a firsthand view about what kind of company you are hiring. This system for hiring a cleaning company should void out all the “uneducated cleaners” out there. For the best carpet cleaning in San Antonio, call us today.

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